Bunny Fog


The Grind


Well, the bunny has come and gone and the hangover is today. By hangover, I mean pain from my ole friend MCTD, not Jack Daniels or any other of the like.  Somehow I managed to pull off Easter shopping for all 4 kids and a family lunch a county away within 24 hours.  By the time I got to the lunch I wasn’t able to do much aside from sitting in a chair like a knot on a log.


The Pain


My body hurt. It’s crazy how a task as easy as shopping can wear on your body as if your a 90-year-old woman. Actually, there was a couple at lunch who were in their 90’s and seemed more active than me. It’s embarrassing to me. I feel like I look lazy.  I can’t stand lazy people. And now I find myself with no choice at times. The line between procrastination and avoidance has become fuzzy. I’m unsure if I put off washing clothes because I know my back will hurt afterward or if I’m just procrastinating because I don’t want to do it right now.



It’s Real



After all of the shopping and all of the family time, I returned home and realized I had forgotten to buy a single morsel of food for Easter supper. I’d also not gotten a single egg for the kids to dye. So back to Wally World I go. By this time that place was a mad house. I return home with goods in tow. My husband oversaw the egg festivities, thank the Lord. I took an extra long bath and by the time I got out everyone, including my husband, was asleep. This meant I alone hid all of the eggs. I alone set up all 4 Easter baskets. I alone disposed of the evidence.


And It Hurts

While hiding eggs my back was in such a state of pain that I was twitching. I’ve done this a good bit lately. It feels like an uncontrollable twitch. I can’t make it stop. I wonder if it’s visible to others. At last, I went to bed. I awoke sometime Easter morning to the sound of some very excited kids. We hunted eggs, which was as much fun to me as them because I didn’t remember where I hid them. Guess what my lovely husband did. He slept. He finally awoke when I put the green beans on to cook. He was let down because he thought I was cooking breakfast. It was the bacon grease I used to season my beans that he’d awoken to. But hey, whatever works. Supper was great. We had green beans, ham, macaroni and cheese, cream corn, and corn bread. It was off the chain. I advised everyone that I wasn’t cleaning the kitchen. I was tired. But found myself cleaning it anyway about an hour later. Amazing what you can will yourself to do, even when your body tells you to sit your butt down.



So for today, I have nothing planned. I’m taking a break. I need it. I’m exhausted. But if I don’t wash clothes there will be some naked people running around tomorrow so I’ll have to muster up the energy for at least one load.



I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I’ve got to count some pills because I can’t remember if I’ve taken them or not. This memory loss thing is starting to get aggravating.

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