Call Me Mrs. Itchy





I’m sorry for my week’s gap in posting on here, but I’ve been having a rather rough go here lately. These flares seem to be coming at me with a one-two punch with very brief periods of normal in between them. The latest ailment which has no abbreviation, yet there are plenty of dots, is the mother of all itches on my arms. It looks like thousands of bright red blisters and they seemingly originate at my elbows, one side being far worse than the other.


I couldn’t take it any longer so I visited my Dr today. She wasn’t sure if it is sun/fluorescent light exposure, a new symptom of MCTD, a delayed reaction to the Plaquenil, or just plain contact dermatitis. I started a two-week long course of prednisone along with a hydrocortisone cream.

I can’t recall being overly exposed to the sun at any time lately. Furthermore, I don’t know if I’ve been in fluorescent light anywhere either, but I don’t think I have. If this is the cause of this rash from hell I’ll be turning into a hermit.


Along with this rash, I’ve had significantly worsened pain which preceded the rash. I don’t know if the two symptoms are related, but I’m sure I will know soon.


It’s very hard trying to remain positive for myself as well as those around me these days. I like to see the best of things, but enough is enough already.


My son is home from New Hampshire. I haven’t gotten to see him very much at all. He’s lived with us for most of our marriage until a year ago. I’ve missed him more than words can describe. He’s only here until Saturday and I have GOT to find a way to spend some good quality time with him before he leaves.


Ambien is starting to kick in.


Must cut this short before I’m rambling about God knows what.


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