Fight Like a Mother…



I hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day Weekend as much as I did.  My husband and kids cooked me my favorite. Steak (medium rare) and a baked potato. What is even better, they cleaned the entire kitchen and put up the food afterward. I didn’t have to do a single thing. Not. One. Single. Thing. SCORE!! They could’ve fed me pig slop and I would’ve been okay with it as long as I didn’t have to make it or clean it. All I did all day is lay in bed and watch TV. I know, it sounds lazy, but it is what I wanted to do and I wanted to do so with no feeling that I was being pathetic on the inside. 


I think that is what we all want sometimes. We want to be granted the okay to be tired sometimes. We want to not feel like we carry the weight of the family on our shoulders. Even when our husbands seem to take over and try to help us, we still feel ashamed of ourselves. We, women, carry it all around with us. And even if just for a day, every now and then, we need to let that go. No price or value can be placed on that gift. 


But why? Why do we feel that way? I know it is natural and regardless of how many men will deny it, we are just built that way. It is why we can be so moody at times. Even if we are being pampered and not having to maintain things around the house or even on vacation, there is some person or demon in the back of our heads saying, “you know you have to go wash those clothes now or it won’t get done”. And when we ignore that little voice, we feel as if we don’t stack up. We aren’t doing our job. It’s sexist, I know. But it is what we do. I believe we always will. We were built that way. 


I never got into the whole women’s march thing and this is the reason why. Call me traditional, but I’m okay with it. Annoying at times? YES! But I guess it is just the way I was raised. I’m a woman, hear me roar! Or better yet, don’t hear me. But one thing is for sure, you will NOTICE me and my actions. And I don’t have to march or wear a vagina on my head to achieve that. 



Gold Bond Medicated Lotion: This repeatedly showed up as something I may be interested in based off of my wish list on Amazon. Finally, I investigated this because I have never purchased lotion through Amazon so it was throwing me for a loop. In June of last year after my grandmother passed away I acquired her Kindle. Of all of the things, Amazon has to offer Gold Bond is all that was of any interest to her. It was the only contents of her wish list. She loved that stuff. And it really is great lotion. She had a bottle of it beside her bed, beside the couch, in both bathrooms, in her car, and I’m sure she had them other places we have yet to find. That was her one and only desire from Amazon. To order enough of it that she didn’t have to worry about running out for a while. And she did that. 
But why did Amazon choose Mother’s Day to be so nagging about Gold Bond lotion?  Was this grandmother’s way of inadvertently telling me happy Mother’s Day? 


Grandmother and I shared in the obsession for soft skin. My particular favorite is Curel, but to each their own. We also both get great pleasure out of brushing our teeth. I can’t explain why but we actually had that conversation in the weeks prior to her passing. We discussed how it made us feel so refreshed. 


I am still in a great deal of pain. My scalp hurts. It has these sores all in it and I can’t help but continuously pick at them. This only makes matters worse. You know how some spots itch?  These don’t. They HURT!  I haven’t changed shampoo or anything like that. I don’t know what is going on with it. I don’t know if it is a side effect of the Plaquinel or if it is part of MCTD. I just know I am tired of it. 


I’ve also developed another new thing. I keep waking up with blood all over my sheets and pillows. I thought it may be from these spots on my scalp, but I have discovered it is from nose bleeds. In my sleep? I have never had a nose bleed problem, much less in my sleep. That’s sort of scary. I mean I’m thinking I could drown on my own nose blood. Wouldn’t that be lovely? To be sick with all of these abbreviations, but die from bloody snot. That would be my luck.


Well, I must go now. I have to wash some towels so that my family doesn’t have to drip dry after baths tonight. 

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