Rain Pain, Go Away!


rainpainWhat is with this weather? Seriously!

I live in the south so usually by May I’m melting. It’s like 50 degrees in my house right now.  I’m seriously contemplating turning the heat on. The only thing keeping me from doing that is my knowledge of our bi-polar weather patterns.

If I put the heat on, I can hang up hope of sleeping in late tomorrow.


I should probably warn you now… I’ve taken my Ambien. 

It doesn’t seem to be having an effect on me, but that’s just my sedated opinion.  I can’t sleep because I hurt. And the only thing that seems to take my mind off the hurt is being pestered by the wrinkles in my sheets or the shirt I am wearing. I feel like, “The Princess and the Pea”.

What’s even weirder to me, these wrinkles hurt.

Please pray for my mother-in-law

My mother in law went in for her surgery Monday. She had to have an aortic bypass. The doctors said she did great in surgery, but a few hours later she was right back in surgery trying to have a blood clot removed.

We visited her today and yesterday and called to check in a good bit. She’s not progressing like they would like to see her progress. I want to be with her more than I am, but I’ve got kids to take care of and this weather has brought on a flare that absolutely had to come straight out of satans closet.

They say May showers bring spring flowers. (Haha, after reviewing this post without Ambian I realize the saying is Spring Showers bring May flowers) I’ve never heard of it being 40 degrees in May. And I’m not too clear on what causes flares to be worse during off weather, but they most definitely are.

I Need Advice! I Need Suggestions!.

I am really busy with all that is going on in my little world right now. But I wondered if any of my viewers have any suggestions for natural supplements or essential oils or rubs or whatever that may help you to get through. I seriously feel like the bones in my body are bruised all over.

This Plaquenil isn’t working. I know it takes time, but shouldn’t it at least be tapering off some?


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